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What’s New on the Music Scene This Fall?

The music industry is always full of news. Sometimes it’s a new album or a popular band comeback, and sometimes the news isn’t that good. But it seems like that’s what show business is, and we must get used to it.

The good thing is that many artists we love are still active and sell thousands of event tickets every day. We have so many upcoming exciting concerts, but let’s see what’s new on the music scene too:

Lakeith Stanfield’s net worth may be relatively modest compared to some of his peers, but his talent and potential cannot be denied.

1. Bad Bunny Became Apple Music Artist of the Year

Bad Bunny is and will be one of the most influential music artists in 2022. Because of him and his Latin trap colleagues, we finally recognize the Latin culture globally and enjoy listening to catchy fun tunes.

We must say he completely deserves the award, just like any other he got this year.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers With a Nirvana Cover

Let’s get this straight: People love and will love RHCP forever. These guys know how to engage the audience and sell millions of rhcp tickets for upcoming concerts.

Recently they played in a special concert, singing 11 classic songs and some covers. But people are talking about the short version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and the unusual RHCP performance.

It seems like this band still has a lot to offer to the audience, so don’t skip on their red hot chili peppers tour 2022 and many other festivals scheduled for the next months.

3. The Death of the Teen Superstar

In early November, the world was shocked when Aaron Carter died at his home. He was only 34 years old but had a hard time dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

We all remember that blonde child performing as an opening act to his older brother’s band, Backstreet Boys. Aaron was cute and enthusiastic, releasing a few hit singles in the late 90s. But his life took a different path, and he decided to be a rapper and producer.

Back in the early 2000s, he dated the pop-sensation Hillary Duff. Last year he got a baby with his fiance Mel. Even though Aaron planned on going to rehab and being a great father to his son, his sudden death changed everything.

He wasn’t on good terms with his family and his older brother Nick. Still, Nick was crying during the concert while singing. He broke down in tears remembering Aaron and the late sister Leslie who died when she was only 25.

4. Black Eyed Peas Released a New Song With Latin Stars

If you listen to Black Eyed Peas’s song named “Simply The Best,” featuring Anitta and El Alfa, you will recognize the music sample. And yes, the song sounds familiar to the whole world.

Even though it’s such a catchy tune, the melody was sampled by Jerry Ropero, Denis the Menace, Sabor, and Jaqueline’s “Coracao irtdaily.” And yes, it’s the same sample of Hamilton Bohannon’s “Me & The Gang” and Sweetpower’s “Happy Days.”

5. Spice Girls Reunited

It sounds exciting, but they don’t really get back together to record new albums. There are plenty of things happening right now in their private life, so it seems the girls have spent a lot of time together recently. Or a few of them.

Mel C, Victoria, and Emma attended Geri’s 50th birthday party a few days ago. David Beckham published a video of the former bandmates dancing to their hit “Say You’ll Be There.” The girls tagged Mel B on Instagram, saying they miss her and wish she were there.

Surely, there is a reason why Mel B didn’t attend the celebration. She was invited, but Scary Spice was busy with her engagement responsibilities. Also, Mel C and Emma cried when they heard Mel B got engaged to her fiance Rory McPhee.

6. Taylor Swift Overtook the Entire US Top 10

Taylor Swift released a new album in October, and she got 10 out of 10 in all US top 10 single charts. And she made history with it businesslognews. Previously only the Beatles reached eight top 10s, and Drake with 9 top 10s.

We must say we did expect this outcome. People love Taylor Swift and couldn’t wait for her album “Midnights.” The album features 13 songs, and all of them make the top 15 charts. You may ask, which are the two others? It’s “Unholy” by Sam Smith and “Bad Habits” by Steve Lacy.

The song “Anti-Hero” became a viral TikTok trend, while “Snow on the Beach” and “Lavender Haze” found their way to people’s hearts.

So, how did the former country singer become a world sensation? We must say all her songs are great, but also her marketing team runs the campaigns pretty wisely.

7. Blink-182 Scheduled a 2023 Tour

Millennials are so excited to learn that Blink-182 will start their 2023 world tour in the United Kingdom. We know that they will have concerts in London, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, and Belfast newmags. And this is their first reunion since 2015. That’s why their fans are so excited about the news.

8. The Rapper Takeoff Was Shot Dead

Takeoff was an essential part of the rap group Migos. He was shot dead in Houston, while a few other people were wounded during the shooting. Until now, no one knows who shot the fires that killed the popular rapper.

Takeoff was one of the most influential modern hip-hop artists. The trio Migos was nominated for a Grammy. His bandmates are his uncle and cousin. They all come from Atlanta, and Takeoff will probably be buried there in a public ceremony.

The music scene today is so vibrant and diverse, so we have so many quality artists to listen to. No matter if you prefer concerts or albums, you can choose whatever you need and enjoy the comfort music brings to us.

As you can see, sometimes the scene is full of bad news and personal tragedies. It’s all part of the show business, and we must get used to it.

But let’s hope 2023 will be much better for the music stars and their tours and concerts, just like 2022 is for them artdailynewsonline.

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