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What’s new in TikTok: TikTok Trends for 2022

The social media platform TikTok has published its What’s Next 2022 report, which outlines the most popular trends significant in 2021 and the TikTok developments for 2022. If you plan to promote your business through TikTok this year or utilize it to increase organic visibility, this article is the right one for you. You can also buy TikTok comments with Streamular.

TikTok Regional Content Trends


  • In Spain and Italy, the population resisted beautiful standards, and aesthetic diversity was well-known, focusing on wellness over aesthetics.
  • In France, 3D printing artists in France attracted attention with their talents.
  • The UK Local tourism content helped users discover the hidden treasures in their backyards.
  • In Germany, sustainability in transport and travel was trending.

Latin America

  • In Mexico, some trends focus on staying connected with loved ones and friends, regardless of distance. TikTok has helped them connect to share celebrations and great moments.
  • In Brazil, sports was the most frequently viewed content via TikTok’s immersive full-screen experience, including sound.

North America

Two significant trends were identified in 2021 via TikTok across North America:

  • Self-care, wellness, and “natural beauty. “ The users of TikTok know that beauty is about feeling distinctive and having a good time.
  • The importance of financial literacy. Practical and straightforward techniques for managing money gained popularity.

The Middle East and Turkey

Cooking was the primary topic in 2021. Some examples of resurfacing culinary content trends include suggestions, recipes influenced by the world’s cuisine and modified to the dietary restrictions of a cooking organization, and more.

Furthermore, TikTok became the reference for sharing all sorts of clever and practical tips in fashion, beauty, and technology.

Asia Pacific

This region has been able to stand out with its different interests, which differ depending on the country:

  • Then, in Austria as well as New Zealand, local tourism increased. They were committed to discovering the most distinctive places within their respective countries.
  • Then, in Vietnam, TikTok became a secure community for mothers.
  • In Indonesia and Thailand, they joined in the global trend to redefine fashion norms and place more emphasis on wellness than appearance.

The Tiktok’s 4 Big News for Brands in 2022

1. Community Commerce

Community Commerce is a type of word-of-mouth marketing that the creators of TikTok power.

The key that makes TikTok a marketing achievement for brands is authentic reviews, fun product videos, and distinctive suggestions. TikTok has sold anything from milk frothers to face masks. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has tens of millions of video views each week.

TikTok has highlighted four results in its report that could aid brands in defining the Community Commerce strategy in 2022:

  • Seventy-three percent of users felt a stronger connection to the brands they interact with on TikTok compared with other platforms.
  • 78% of users say that the top companies featured on TikTok are willing to share their thoughts and work with their users.
  • 70% of users say they are part of the group, and 70% say they feel part of a community on TikTok.
  • 67% of respondents say TikTok has influenced people to purchase, even though they didn’t intend on buying anything.

2. Evolution of Sound: The Evolution of Sound

Sound is one of TikTok’s most important distinctive features. This is TikTok’s suggestion for a successful future with audio in 2022.

  • Create a unique sound branding. Sound branding is an effective way to display the brand’s identity. A distinctive sound can make it stand apart from its competitors and establish long-lasting bonds with the people following it.
  • Prioritize artists. TikTok is a platform for today’s most famous artists. Its culture of participation and co-creation makes it simple for artists to start their tracks and remain in contact with their followers.
  • Embrace voice technology. Voices are a crucial component of audio in TikTok. Technology like voice-to-text and other vocal effects could be a boon for companies in 2022.

3. Creator Community

TikTok creators are the perfect brand team since they can engage with users and build genuine connections. The data proves the point: 65 percent of members like that creator’s post about brands and products, while 35% of users discover new products via creators.

The following are TikTok’s top tips for companies looking to begin working with creators:

  • Do your homework to find your perfect creator via Creator Marketplace.
  • Examine different kinds of creators in terms of their style and subcultures, audience sizes, and styles.
  • Make use of the advertising tools TikTok like Ads Manager and Business Center.
  • Make an “always-on” strategy by merging your channels with creators’ channels.
  • Engage in a proactive dialogue and regularly create throughout your work.

4. Brand Security

Brand security is one of the most critical concerns of TikTok. It is based on four main foundations:

  • Making sure the community is safe. This, in turn, creates a positive environment for the brands. TikTok launched several innovative products and initiatives in 2021, such as age-related settings and anti-bullying initiatives.
  • Secure solutions for brands to ensure that adverts are displayed alongside relevant videos.

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