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What is a Bed in a Box? How Does it Work?


Unroll, uncover and unravel your mattress and just lay it on your bed frame at the convenience of a button. A bed in a box is a trending concept that saves people time and money in shopping for a mattress from store to store. An online box mattress, compared to an online mattress for a bed frame, is a convenient and inexpensive choice for a good night’s sleep. A mattress in a box is similar to a regular mattress but it  is compressed and rolled in an air-tight bag before shipping.

Shopping for a mattress is a task and a major investment, and one needs to replace their mattress every 7-10 years. You no longer have to spend time shopping for a mattress in a brick-and-mortar store. The model of buying mattresses has changed, and the mattress-in-a-box model is a fast-catching trend. One cannot determine the comfort of the mattress by just lying on it for a couple of seconds. Rather invest in a bed in box mattress model of shopping and try out a mattress at the ease of your home.

How Does a Bed in a Box Work?

The traditional method of buying a mattress is no longer in trend. A new box bed or bed in a box is a revolutionary way of shipping a mattress to a consumer.  An invention of pioneered manufacturing and packing procedures, the box bed mattress model lets you shop for a mattress from the partyguise convenience of your home. It can be delivered to you like a mattress in a box. The mattress-in-a-box cost outweighs the cost of shopping for a traditional mattress and enhances convenience in terms of style, money and comfort.

When you buy a bed in a box you opt for the convenience and ease of home delivery . When you receive the mattress box, all you need to do is tear open the packaging, lay it out flat and let it expand. When you buy box bed, the foam structure ensures that the mattress regains its original shape once it is laid out. The bed-in-a-box cost lets you cut the entire shopping procedure for a traditional mattress in a store and passes the savings to you.

Bed in a Box vs Traditional Mattress

Made out of advanced memory foam, when you buy bed box mattresses, you save time and money hopping from one shop to another to find the right mattress and also get a perfect price. The box bed price makes it far more feasible as an option than a traditional mattress. The difference between a bed in a box and vs traditional mattress can be summed in a few points:

●    Free trials

It is important to test drive the feasibility of a mattress. Sleep specialists recommend that sleeping on a mattress for at least 20 minutes help gauge the viability of the same. When you buy a traditional mattress, the hassle of returns is a cumbersome process. Buy a bed in a box online that comes with free trials that let you decide whether the mattress is ideal for you or not.

●    Convenience of shopping

The cost of bed in a box includes shipping and is delivered to your doorstep. It gives you additional time to spend over the weekends rather than shopping.

●    Cost-effectiveness

A bed with a box price eliminates the middleman. Compressed, rolled, and packed in a box, the mattress price reduces shipping charges and other overhead costs.

●    Easy return policy

If you want a box bed, buy it online, but don’t worry about how you will pack it if you are unsatisfied. The mattress will be picked up from home by the brand, as per policy.


Invest in a box bed online and enjoy the benefits of convenience and cost effectiveness.. Change and upgrade your mattress shopping while spending less time in the hassle of buying it at a store. Easy, smart and convenient, the bed in a box is a concept that is here to stay.

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