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Waterproofing Motorcycle Textiles

The process of waterproofing motorcycle textiles is fairly simple. The fabric must be clean and the garment must be given sufficient air flow to dry. Then, apply a water-repellent product like DWR. In general, you can expect your new garment to be completely water-resistant. It’s important to remember that waterproofing will not make your clothing less functional. If you’re worried that your jacket will become wet during a ride, consider the following tips lucky77slot.

The quality of technical motorcycle clothes has improved

Waterproofing technology has been around for decades. For many years, waxed cotton and dubbin-covered leather were the best materials to stay dry on a wet ride. In the last 20 years, the quality of technical motorcycle fabrics has skyrocketed. The 1970s saw the introduction of Gore-Tex, an extremely durable and breathable membrane wayang88. Then, waterproof fabrics began to take a more serious turn.

Modern textiles have surpassed these old options

Manufacturers have improved the quality of textile motorcycle gear over the past couple of decades. While waxed cotton and dubbin-covered leather were key for many years, modern textiles have surpassed these older options 1xbitc. The introduction of Gore-Tex, a water-repellent membrane, changed the face of the industry. The Gore-Tex barrier was the first product of its kind. The company has been manufacturing motorcycle apparel made with Gore-Tex since the 1970s.


Among the companies that have taken the lead on waterproofing motorcycle textiles are Alpine stars mpo999. The brand has developed an innovative waterproofing method called Daystar. It has 100% water-repellent properties, while still ensuring breathability. The brand has a long history in motocross, so the company is acutely aware of the need for complete musik4d weather protection in a single piece of motorcycle clothing. This is why Alpine stars developed its own line of apparel.

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