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Uses and Characteristics of Biologicals

Biologicals are preparations that come from living organisms, such as blood, serum, vaccines, and antitoxin. The four main classes of biologicals are: vaccines, antibodies, and anti-infectives. Below are the main uses and characteristics of each class. If you have questions about a particular biological, consult your healthcare provider. Molecular and physical properties are different, so you should follow appropriate precautions when applying them to crops.

Producers should follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Biologicals are similar to chemical crop protection products, but they can be applied in different ways. Farmers may use the same application equipment as they would with chemicals. Depending on the type of biological, there are specific storage and application requirements. Growers should follow manufacturer instructions, which will detail the temperature at which the product should be stored, how it should be applied, and whether it’s compatible with their crops. This information can help ensure a successful application of biologicals.

Farmers should follow the label’s instructions

Biologicals are similar to chemical crop protection products, and farmers can apply them using the same equipment. Because they contain living organisms as active ingredients, they may require specific storage and handling procedures. For best results, farmers should follow the instructions on the label to ensure the product is safe to use. Depending on the microbial, you should also follow manufacturer guidelines for compatibility and storage temperatures. These will help ensure that your application will yield the best results possible.

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