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Types of Eyelash Extensions and Lash Supplies

As women’s lives become busier and their sense of beauty grows, more Australian women opt for eyelash extensions. It makes your lashes appear longer, thicker, and darker and saves you time and effort in the morning.

If you’re in the eyelash extension business, you’ll agree that declining a client due to a shortage of tools or lashes is the worst thing you could do. Maintaining an adequate supply of eyelash extension products is essential to a successful business. Stocking up on premium lash supplies will boost consumer loyalty and their confidence in you as a business.

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Using high-quality lash products will help you obtain beautiful lashes every time while maintaining adequate hygiene. Continue reading to learn more about lash extension and the lash supply you need.

Eyelash Extensions: Types

There are endless lash extension designs and variations. However, majorly it has been divided by material, curl, thickness, and length.

Silk Lashes vs. Synthetic Lashes: Which is better?

Mink and silk lashes are lustrous or matte. However, they don’t curl like synthetic lashes. Semi-matt lashes offer a dense, more natural look if applied to the upper lash line.

They’re made of synthetic material means that they will keep a curl well. If you want to be happy, use synthetic materials.

Eyelash Curls

What is a J curl eyelash extension? Even though these lashes aren’t worn often anymore, if you do, you’ll be glad you did! This curl is designed for individuals with stick-straight lashes who prefer a natural look. If you feel too natural, attempt a B curl on your lash extensions. Although slightly curlier than a J curl, it’s still a natural solution for those with brutal straight lashes.

Then C, CC, and D are undoubtedly the lashes you will use the most. In addition, C curl lashes help produce an even more open-eye look.

Lash Supplies: What Do You Require?

While you may come across a lot of fantastic products, here are a few things to consider when looking for the best lash supplies:

  • The most important thing is high-quality tweezers that can help you do the various procedures correctly. The set could comprise precision volume tweezers, traditional tweezers, or angled isolation tweezers, all stored in a professional case.
  • Another essential item is an isolator tool, which will ensure that no lashes are stuck together after the extensions.
  • Fast-acting lash primers and adhesives are vital for your lash products. Additionally, you can purchase adhesive wells, which come in handy for making volume fans.
  • It is impossible to complete lash supply without a wide range of different lash lengths in various mixed trays. With the suitable tray and a guide, you’ll never again have to wonder what size you have used or will be using.
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The quality of your lashes will speak for themselves, but building your business needs effort and dedication. Look for lash products that include instructional materials to help you grow your clientele.

Summing Up

When doing any lash or aesthetic treatment, hygiene is of the utmost importance. The ultimate goal is to prevent cross-contamination and ensure that everything used on your clients is fully clean. Regrettably, not everything in your supplies is recyclable.

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Hence, keeping a stock of your lash supplies is essential. After all, working efficiently and making your clients feel as comfortable as possible would only flourish your business.

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