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Ten things you need to do if you have had a car accident

America witnesses about six million car accidents each year. If you are among the unfortunates, then do not boil yourself. This article is what you need right now, that is, the right guidance. There are ten steps that you need to follow after a car accident, and contacting a lawyer is the most important. If you don’t have a lawyer’s contact, then there are website that will help you to get one. Without more rambling, check out the ten steps:


Even if the intensity of the accident is low, do not drive away. Wait and take pictures of the damages.

2. Protect the scene

Set up flares or keep your flashers on to prevent any further accidents. In case the car lights got damaged due to the accident, turn on the flashlights of your mobile phone. 

3. Call the police

Call the police immediately, even if no one is hurt. You may need a copy of the police file to claim your car insurance. Do not move the vehicle that was involved in the accident unless it interferes with traffic.

4. Make an accurate record

Give an accurate account of what has happened to the police officers. If you are not aware of certain facts, inform them of that too. Make yourself knowledgeable about the statements of any other person who was involved in the accident.

5. Take pictures

Click pictures of the accident scene. Take as many pictures as possible of the damaged vehicle and of your injuries. Once the police enter the scene, you will no longer be allowed to click pictures. So do it soon after the accident.

6. Exchange information

Usually, the police acquire information about the accident scene like the name of the passengers, the name of the driver, their numbers, the contact information of the witness, and the car insurance number. But if the police are not available, then take charge and do the above-mentioned.

7. Report the accident

Notify the insurers immediately after the accident. If you are injured, ask them if they will provide medical coverage too. The sooner you will report the insurers, the sooner they will act on your case.

8. Seek medical attention

Whether you are injured or not, go to a doctor and get a checkup done soon after the accident. Sometimes you may not feel any pain because of the trauma of the accident, but the pain and injuries will occur afterward and can be an issue.

9. Keep a file

Keep all the documents relating to the accident safe in a file as you will need them afterward to make claims.

10. Contact a car accident lawyer

This is the most important step. Contact a lawyer and be burden-free. As soon as you hire a lawyer, you will be taken care of by them.

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