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Sustainable Clothing – The Pressing Requirement to Minimize the Impact of the Fashion Industry on the Environment

So, you saw a really cool blouse on Instagram and began to search the internet for it. Right after the purchase, your eyes catch another garment which makes the ‘cool top’ useless.

Do you wonder how the clothing pieces you find and discard impact the environment? Unless you, as a fashion enthusiast, proactively look at the problem, the issue persists.

Don’t worry. There’s a way called sustainable clothing or circularity to retain your love for fashion while ensuring an eco-friendly approach.

What Makes Today’s Fashion Non-Sustainable?

The cycle of fast fashion, aka the use-and-throw styling, not only gives a bad name to the industry but also dampens environmental balance restoration efforts.

Why will it not? Fast fashion thrives in creating as many collections for the users to consume within a short period. The duration can be as low as a week for the entire style range overhaul. Essentially, the bombardment of clothing trends induces mindless purchase patterns and behaviour.

How does it even impact the environment? Take a look at the statistics!

  • UNEP reports that the fashion industry produces 10% of the total human carbon emissions.
  • A study by the Danish Fashion Institute finds the industry as the biggest polluter after gas and oil.
  • Polyester, the most commonly used fiber in the fast fashion sector, releases two to three times more pollutants than carbon.
  • Even water pollution isn’t untouched by the industry due to the dumping of microfibres and dyes in the oceans.
  • What’s more, the reliance on affordable and instantaneous fashion has created an ecosystem for unfair and unsafe working conditions.

Everything points towards a shift in your perception and behavior towards fashion!

Does that mean you will have to compromise on trendy clothes? Absolutely not!

How Can You Set the Trend With Circularity to Make Fashion More Sustainable?

Circularity is polar to fast fashion. The process intends to create, deliver and circulate the products in the society while keeping their value intact for as long as possible. Now, if you want to become a part of sustainability strength, you need to bring a little switch in your purchase mindset.

Here’s how!

Ask Questions

The essence of circular fashion is in its longevity. To ensure that you pick the durable and sustainable only, ask yourself if:

  • The style is timeless.
  • The brand is responsible for sourcing and using biodegradable material only.
  • The business is circularity-friendly, not merely greenwashed, and has a proper procedure to ensure clothing repurposing and reuse.

Pick Only What You Need

Don’t get looped in the vicious cycle of the trending buzz regarding clothing. Choose only the durable pieces which will last long. Now, if you need to revamp your style, you can go to a second-hand store and grab the all-time favorite at an affordable cost.

Explore Up-Cycling

The best part about owning high-quality products with durable fabric is that they have an afterlife. You can infuse new life and style into your stable jeans by mending and recycling the clothes.


Circularity is the intentional use of human endeavors to minimize waste and maximize clothing usage. It not only fosters sustainability but also brings a change in the perception of fashion in society. Moreover, from equal workforce treatment to lesser ecosystem burden, sustainable clothing finds a way to keep the balance.

Now that you know where your clothes are leading the earth, it’s time to dress responsibly.

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