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Stirrups: Some things to understand

Although hardly anyone notices the enormous importance of the stirrup, staying in most cases with those carried by the mount itself, the truth is that this small piece of equipment should be fairly considered considering that it is a vital element for rider support. Ada banyak jenis stirrups yang dijual di pasaran, mulai dari yang berkualitas rendah hingga yang berkualitas tinggi seperti Acavallo Stirrups.

Let’s know a little more about stirrups.


The stirrup is defined as an “oval of iron closed by two arms”, which hangs from the saddle on both sides and on which the rider’s foot rests. It is placed hanging from the mount itself.

At a general level we can differentiate the following types of stirrups:

Classic: also known as English hunting stirrups. They are undoubtedly the most used thanks to their versatility, since they are considered the most suitable design for almost all disciplines, with the exception of racing.

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Safety Peacock: this type of stirrup has the characteristic of having a rubber tied on the outside; In the event of a fall, the rider’s foot releases easily and quickly because the rubber either breaks or loosens.

Kournakoff: they stand out for the fact that the groove through which the action is passed is displaced towards the inside and the stirrup branches are inclined forwards, so that the heel is lower than the toe.

Simple Australian: Also called “wavy branch” since the outer branch is wavy so that the rider’s foot does not get trapped inside the stirrup in the event of a fall.

Curved: they have a curvature that is oriented forwards. Very useful for those who have a tendency to wear the stirrup too much.

Its use

To know if we are making correct use of the stirrup, we must bear in mind that its function is to give the necessary support to the rider’s foot through the sole; thus, the heel presses slightly downwards, the knee must be bent and it keeps the lower part vertical to the leg.

When a stirrup is properly adjusted it reaches the ankle bone allowing the leg to hang freely from the saddle. The stirrup should be placed on the sole of the foot, with the heel pressing down, in such a way that the rider’s legs and body are almost in a straight line.

We must take into account that the stirrups are hung from the ations, well, it is extremely important that we check that these ations are of the appropriate length for the rider, so that they are comfortable at all times. On the other hand, any rider should know that the stirrups should never be left hanging, since they hit the horse at every movement or, what is worse, they can catch on something, causing any type of accident. For this reason, it is convenient that you tie them in the following way: slide them upwards, passing the action between them for greater security. Finally, keep in mind that to mount the hinge or safety hook of the stirrup, it must always be open.

Advice for your purchase

When purchasing your stirrups, keep these simple tips in mind:

The width: you must make sure that your stirrups are wide enough, so that there is a clearance of just over a centimeter on each side of the foot. They should be comfortable for the rider’s foot, which means not narrow to prevent getting caught (which can be extremely dangerous for the rider in the event of a fall), but also not so wide that they could cause the foot to slide forward.

When choosing your stirrup size, measure your boots across the widest part of the sole. You should be aware that there are soles that are several millimeters wider than the boot.

Check that they have rubber soles fixed to their base: they will offer you the necessary security of support. It is dangerous to ride with stirrups without soles because the stirrups will often slip.

We recommend rubber soles that are grooved or dotted, which will always help to provide more support.

Weight: a stirrup that is too light means that in the event of a fall it will not stay in place, but will remain hooked on the foot, thus dragging the rider.

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