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 Picking the Right Music Act for Your Audience

Music is a fantastic form of entertainment that allows us to enjoy time together and share the time dancing, singing, and having fun together.  Although there’s no wrong musical act unless you really mess up: there are a lot of fantastic music acts that can get everyone into motion.

These are the right music acts for your audiences and why they work!

For Younger Crowds

For teens, it’s a good idea to play into their interests and what’s popular right now, which includes acts like rappers in Texas and SoundCloud performers.  At this age, most teens are usually sticking to one or two genres of music, so it’s a good idea to really pin down what they’re interested in.  Ask your guests ahead of time what they’re interested in and pick a musical act that works with that.

For Twenty-Somethings

For twenty-somethings, the youngest millennials, and most Gen Z, you’ll want to play popular music that’s trending in areas like Tik Tok.  Surprisingly, this has meant bringing back acts like Kate Bush and other awesome retro acts.  Generally, this generation is really enjoying visiting 80s music that was popular before they were even born, so consider hiring someone who can play 80s hits mixed with modern touches.

You could also consider hiring a garage band for this group!  The popularity of garage bands is at its peak with this group and can be a lot of fun to see at any event.

Thirties to Forties

Someone in their thirties to forties will still listen to a mix of modern and newly popular music, along with circulating in a lot of the popular music from the last thirty years.  For this crowd, you can get away with hiring a DJ who can pump the event with a lot of nostalgia by playing music that’s a great mix of new and old.

You can also get away with hiring a solo singer that’s gained local popularity since people at this age are more likely to want to support local artists!

Fifties and Up

For older crowds, consider playing music from the era that they were in their teens to twenties as well!  This could mean hiring an ABBA cover band or finding something else that speaks to what’s popular with the group of people at your party.  Cover bands are the best at bringing awesome energy to a party, with a great boost of nostalgia!

Rules are Made to be Broken

Although it’s easy to say you should play music based on age: it’s okay to break this rule!  There’s no hard rule that says that people who grew up in the 80s only listen to 80s music now!  Have fun with it, and consider picking musicians and skilled professionals that can deliver the iconic performance your audience will want to see.

Hire the Musical Act You’ll Enjoy

Regardless of how old your guests are, hire the musical acts that will dance along and have fun!  Musical acts are there to boost the fun at an event, so make sure you hire someone that will do that!

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