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Patio and Pergola: Key Differences

Let’s face it, with the summer season, the requirement of some shade is of utmost significance. If you wonder what would be ideal for your beloved abode, a patio or Pergola, this article’s for you.

Besides, you need an excellent area to enjoy some shade if you reside in Brisbane. The climate being utterly harsh and dry most of the year, you cannot sit directly under the sun.

Patios and pergolas are often confused with each other. While patios are more popular, pergolas enjoy a fair share of popularity. To find relevant ideas that blend with your home’s aesthetic, you need to have thorough research into the topic. For instance, if you live in Brisbane, look for Patios in Brisbane or Pergolas in Brisbane and voilà!

Pergola or Patio: Which One is Better?

Which one is better for your house and why? Read on and find out all the answers about patios and pergolas’ attributes, purpose, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is a Pergola?

For starters, it is not a roof. The reason is it doesn’t essentially cover you. It is a frame with a relatively airy and open framework. Also, did you know that pergolas were initially used as support frames for climbing plants?

So, yes, the purpose isn’t protection against the sun or any natural elements but just beautifying the space and giving support to your green babies.

The design of a pergola entirely depends on how you want to structure it. It could be an independent tall standing structure or an attached extension to your house.

Advantages of a Pergola

  • Beautifies your space
  • Support your creepers
  • Can provide shade (depends on the frame design)

Disadvantages of a Pergola

  • The creepers around the Pergola demand constant grooming; otherwise, they hamper the look of your aesthetic addition.
  • Not practical for harsh weather.

What is a Patio?

A patio is more focused on the idea of luxury. It is an outdoor living space and an attached extension of the house that is entirely functional.

You can dine, sit for long conversations or even picnic or sleep, if you will, on a patio. The frame is more reliable, entirely covered and sturdy. Also, no support for the plants here.

The patio design is ideal in line with the house’s roof, and it fosters shade, incredibly protecting you against the sun. Also, a patio is entirely different from a pergola but can still deliver the benefits of a pergola. In contrast, a pergola is incapable of providing the help of a patio. This is because Pergola is also accepted as a patio idea.

Advantages of a Patio

  • More versatile in terms of designs and aesthetics
  • More functional and productive
  • Beautifies your space
  • Protection against the sun
  • Reliable

Disadvantages of a Patio

  • No support for creepers
  • More expensive

Reasons You Should Consider Adding a Pergola or Patio

Now that you know the key differences, here are some reasons why you should consider having a Pergola or a Patio at your home.

Added Space: It is always good to have some extra space. A patio or Pergola can give you the freedom of outdoor dining or having barbecue meals. Besides, nobody anyways uses the outdoor space. So transforming it would be putting it to the proper use.

Beautify Your Home: Sure, the grandeur of your living room speaks volumes about the aesthetics of your house. However, patios or Pergolas in Brisbane would be the added garnish. Spin it around and transform your boring backyard into a cosy and aesthetic outdoor space, because why not?

Final Thoughts

There you go! Now you understand the difference between a pergola and a patio. Compare your needs before you get one built for your backyard. Both of them are extremely useful and can transform the look of your backyard in absolutely no time.

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