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Nayars were traditionally matrilineal

The Nair are a group of Hindu castes in India. Another name for them is Nayar. Kathleen Gough has described them as “not a unitary category but a named category of castes.” They comprise several castes and subdivisions, and not all historically bore the name “Nair”.

The Nayars are a matrilineal caste that are found in Kerala, India. They make up approximately 15 percent of the state’s population, and their population was close to 3.8 million in the year 1911 and close to 4.3 million in the year 1990.

The Nayars practiced polyandry, a tradition that saw a woman marry two or more men. The word polyandry comes from the Greek words polys and aner. The term polyandry can also refer to polyandrous marriages, though in this context, it is often called fraternal polyandry.

Polyandry was not widespread

Polyandry is a cultural practice that occurred during the ancient past in Kerala and India. Although this practice was not common in the Nairs, it did take place in some villages. It was a rare practice and women were not obliged to marry multiple men. This tradition did not equate to the practice of polygamy, as most nair men and women would have had one Sambandham union during their lifetime.

Polyandry is still practiced in some areas of India. In the Kinnaur Region, which is in Himachal Pradesh and is bordering Tibet and the Indo-China border, polyandry is common. Legend has it that the Pandavas spent the last year of their exile in the Kinnaur region. Many Kinaauris believe that polyandry is a practice they inherited from the Pandavas.

Nayars were experts in Kalaripayattu

The Kalaripayattu system has a long history and is related to Hinduism. In the early Sangam literature, the system first appears. It developed into a Northern form during the strife between Tamil kingdoms in the eleventh century. This martial art was revived during the 1920s when its practitioners were required to obtain special licences to use weapons.

This martial art has many facets. It incorporates animal techniques to improve body flexibility, mobility, concentration, and dexterity. This system also includes pakarchakkal, which uses bare hands to perform various tricks. It also teaches the body to develop a beautiful posture.

Nair is a chemical based hair removal product

Nair is a chemical based hair remover that targets the structure of the hair to break down the bonds that hold it together. Hair is made up of protein fibers called keratin that are held together by chemical bonds. The chemicals in Nair work to break down these bonds and dissolve the hair. Nair can remove hair in a matter of minutes. It works by applying a chemical solution on the hair and working over the hair to dissolve it.

Nair is a popular chemical-based hair removal product that can be used at home. The hair removal cream goes on like a lotion and breaks down the proteins that hold hair together. The weakened hair can then be removed with minimal pain. Nair(tm) is an advanced hair removal solution that was developed by dermatologists, skincare specialists, and industry veterans. Its formulas are dermatologist-tested to ensure safe and effective results.

It works without razors or tweezers

Nair is a great alternative to razors and tweezers and does not require any skin irritation. This method removes facial hair almost completely without cutting or snagging the hair. It is effective for short-term hair removal and can be used to cover larger areas.

It slows hair growth

Nair is an inexpensive, effective chemical hair depilatory. But it’s important to use it carefully as it can cause irritation or an allergic reaction. It’s also important to use it according to the directions on the bottle. Also, excessive hair growth may be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

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