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Marketing and Promoting Your Art on the Internet for Free

Art marketing expenditures are being slashed by many artists in this challenging market. But now is the time to use the free marketing options and inventive methods to promote your art company online. As an artist, it’s more crucial than ever to use your talents to market yourself and your indigenous art company cost-effectively. Despite these techniques being free, they will take some time. Although these approaches can be fun and exciting if taken seriously, they can also be rewarding in the long run.

Creating a blog

Starting a blog as an artist has several advantages. It is an excellent approach to showcase your brand, sell your work and provide customer care. You have the best opportunity to connect with prospective customers on your blog. Many of you out there already have a website with information about your work (such as price, contact information, and perhaps a video or two). However, no one may be accessing your website since they are unaware of its existence. Starting a blog is the most straightforward approach to getting the word out about your website. A person looking for an artist may type “artist” into Google to find out more about them. Make your blog about your readers, not yourself.

Sign up for a Social Media Site

Using social media platforms is the quickest approach to develop brand awareness for yourself and your art company. The value of a good brand cannot be overstated since it conveys trustworthiness to potential consumers, colleagues, and business partners. In my opinion, social media isn’t just the latest trend. People’s communication methods have undergone a fundamental transformation. The rules of the market are shifting because of social media. You’re on your own when you’re an artist, but social networking means you’re not. Instantly get comments on your current painting, bring millions of visits to your site, request a review of your work, obtain inspiration, or attempt to sell a painting on Facebook. There’s no limit to the possibilities.

You May Make Your Videos

Did you realise that YouTube comes in second to Google in search engine rankings? Another excellent method for disseminating web material is via video. To break up the monotony of the typical blog article, videos are also an excellent option. Adding a YouTube video to your website is a simple process. YouTube has a lot of traffic, and your site will gain from it. Focus on your target demographic while creating video content for your channel. In the case of water colour painting, demonstrate how to use a particular method.

Write a Guest Post for Another Blog

Guest blogging on other blogs is a terrific opportunity to showcase your artwork to a new audience. Inquire about writing a guest post for other artists with blogs and see if they’d be interested. Let them know that you’d be happy to offer a tale or a helpful art tip.

Most blog owners welcome guest articles since they boost their site’s perceived worth. With this, you’ll increase the number of people who return to your site, ultimately leading to purchases. As an artist and a specialist in your industry, your reputation is further enhanced.


These are terrific strategies for building a community of like-minded artists and bloggers. Again, this will increase your blog’s visitors and the popularity of indigenous art. The more you engage on other blogs, the more likely it is that you’ll receive a response and that other bloggers will visit and remark on your blog as a thank you.

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