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Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Conversion

Lithium ion golf cart battery conversion is a fairly simple process, and the benefits are numerous. For a simple installation, you can purchase a lithium ion product that includes all the components you need to install the new battery. The battery is typically smaller and lighter than lead-acid batteries. It will also give you a longer range, and be more efficient at running your golf cart.

It worked for several months at their highest potential

Another benefit of a lithium golf cart battery is its high performance. Once charged, they continue to work at their peak capacity for several months. As the battery ages, it begins to lose charge and heat up, which makes it less efficient. However, with a lithium golf cart battery, the battery continues to work at its full capacity until it has to be replaced. That is a big plus! If you’re tired of putting away your lead-acid battery for long periods, consider upgrading to a lithium-ion battery.

The battery lasts five years or more

The first major advantage of a lithium golf cart battery is its longevity. A lithium-ion battery will last as long as five years or more. The lithium-ion battery will not need to be filled with water or corrosion, and you can simply plug it in, charge it, and go. In comparison, a lead-acid golf cart battery can lose up to 33% of its charge in a month.

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