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Injection breast augmentation is extremely dangerous.

The next question that was equally high was the matter of breasts! Which has many questions: Breast augmentation with Hydrophilic gel and Hyaluronic Acid injections, or breast augmentation with Mixed Cell Fat Grafting (CAL) and lifting the breasts against gravity with Rock Rock Silk. Breast augmentation by injecting various substances such as Hydrophilic gel and Hyaluronic Acid.

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    Breast augmentation by injection, the writer said, don’t risk it. Because the breasts are considered to be the largest glands in a woman’s body, the breasts are filled with glands and milk ducts. It is also waiting for the hormones of the body. Regular stimulation almost every month is like this and the size is dormant. Do not do anything, there is still a chance of cancer if injecting these substances, no one can guarantee what will happen. Injections of these substances will be injected into the base of the chest. above the muscle which is injected into the breast, so dangerous The writer went to read a medical journal. Refers to Hong Kong people who inject these substances into the breast when a breast biopsy is taken for examination. found the following changes:

   Hydrophilic gel injection into breast milk will change. The breast meat has turned into a hard lump. fibrosis and has the appearance of Against inflammatory mammary glands, in addition, when x-ray with magnetic resonance (MRI) will find that Hydrophilic Gel will clump together. and inserted between the breast tissue and the mammary gland It was found that the spoon inserted in the early stages can cause infection later, especially in breastfeeding patients. That is, germs can enter the milk ducts and cause infection with injectable Hydrophilic Gel (unlike breast augmentation with a prosthesis). because the gel in the prosthesis bag is surrounded by the cyst)

   As for the long-term complications, no one knows. Because the injection of these substances into the breast has only been less than 2 years, the authors suggest that Patients injected with these substances should be screened for breast cancer every year by doing Mann | mogram and doing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Hydrophilic Gel is produced in Ukraine. But let’s focus on marketing and having distributors in Southeast Asia (Isn’t it strange? Why not do European markets? or Eastern Europe or that people around there don’t have to add) Try searching for the word Hydrophilic Gel Mammoplasty. Be warned of fakes that are sold on the black market (illegal). The writer was able to find But when I go back and look at that website again, the page has been deleted.

Breast augmentation by injecting various types of fillers. These writers want patients to think a lot, and also need to find a lot of information as well. Legal things are selling things that the salesperson says are legal. (Which may be smuggled to sell) is also available, please study the information carefully.

   The substance that is Hyaluronic Acid is the same company as the filler. famous in Thailand and around the world The writer probably won’t mention it again. Because of fear that a savage doctor will buy and inject and injure other patients. Another thing, the writer always mentions the injected substance, “Are you sure it will dissolve?” It will be enough when 1 bag of solution per 1 breast contains 100 cc. (You can ask like a villager, how many cups can 100 cc increase the size of the breasts? Can you tell me if you are thinking of injecting, try asking the person who injects first if the injection has increased how much? If he replied that it depends on each person’s differences, then ask again if the doctor tried injecting himself or not before injecting it to the villagers. Most of the doctors who do this are also men… lol)

It’s easy to think. The size of breast augmentation with artificial milk bags is good for both. Saline type and silicone gel type The skin of the prosthesis can also cause cancer. Let alone a solution that is injected directly into the breast tissue.

Breast augmentation by mixed fat grafting (CAL)

Breast augmentation injections have been around for a long time. At first it was injected from your own fat. “Unimpressive” A lot of fat died, switched to synthetic injections instead. The first one was liquid silicone (an old accessory), but once injected, the breasts turned hard to stone, so they quit. But after injecting it, the damn filler pushed it to react with the skin again. become red Like an orange peel, it comes back to inject fat mixed with this special type of cells. Usually, the fat that is transferred from part of the body is implanted. (Or injected) in another place, such as liposuction from the abdomen to inject breast augmentation If we suck out 100 cc from the abdomen to inject it into the chest, only 40 cc will be left in the chest and the remaining 60 cc will die because the process of liposuction generally causes fat cells to be affected and part of death And when moving to a new position, the fat cells are deprived of blood and die. After the fat cells die, the body will have white blood cells to eat and turn into small calcifications (micr calcification). This can cause confusion with early-stage breast cancer cells. The user may have to have the breast removed for free because the doctor misunderstood. that breast cancer The process starts with the fat removed first and then the fat is blended. And then mixed with that and over and it really turned into this magic cell. I must say that many Clinics that do this do not dare to advertise blatantly what this cell is, so the writer will whisper softly that it really is. and the cells he selected Filtered separately from fat cells is a stem cell (Stem cell), but he did not dare to tell. I don’t dare to advertise that because of stem cells in Thailand. “Not for commercial use,” “must be done under research only,” and “prescribed for medicinal use. Some diseases are related to blood only, such as leukemia.” Therefore, the clinic that is doing this is stubborn and avoids using the term Cell Rak Cell or Cell Therapy or CAL, which stands for Cell Assisted Lipotransfer.

In conclusion, liposuction is used to augment the breasts by looking for a helper to prevent the fat from dying (the usual method is to suck and then use a centrifuge to extract only the cells that are expected to be good and then inject it into the chest. But when injected, the remaining usable is only 40% of the injected), so he tried to find a helper to take stem cells extracted from the fat to inject stimulants to work. Then bring it back to mix with the fat that needs to be injected and then inject it into the breasts. It sounds delicious if we are confident that the injected stem cells will not change into other cells. What we don’t want is cancer cells, at least if someone has a family history of it. Breast cancer, do not do this at all. And for normal people If you really want to do this It must be ensured that we have a complete physical examination from head to toe. That is the reason why the writer did not tell the brand of each substance. because I do not want to encourage people to know more about these substances. Excuse me. Nowadays, you will see that thread threading is becoming more and more powerful than every curve. How to keep your face young by many beauty clinics of which are promoted to This method is intensive. both in terms of the type of silk used whether there are qualifications or more special than others or say that the doctor of the clinic is real Training and obtaining a certificate from abroad or even Some doctors are very stubborn. Marketed by organizing trips for doctors, and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. to go to see the training in threading to different In the country, when there are more advertisements, there is a question from patients, “Doctor, 100 silk threads really work. Or if it works I will ask for unlimited payments. Because before, there are many advanced technologies, I have tried them all, such as Thermage, RF, Frexel, Ulthera, but I don’t see any of them that really work. Now, it’s only temporary. First, let me tell you a little bit of history before silk threading has been around for a long time. But mostly it is done only by plastic surgeons. The first used is silk. Aptos looks like a fishbone to take part of the fishbone to support the tissues of the face so that it doesn’t sag. Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? Yes, at first it was very popular, but later found that when the patient’s skin is thinner. (Older people, the skin will become thinner due to less elastin and collagen in the epidermis (Dermis) and there is a condition of lipolysis of fat in the subcutaneous adipose tissue layer. or to make it easy to understand. That is, the skin becomes thin and shriveled with age.

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