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Industrial Machine Vision Camera Manufacturers

The industrial machine vision camera market has been gaining significant market share in recent years. The major application areas of this technology are inspections and the guiding of robotic operations. In the life sciences and medical research sectors, machine vision systems are also a vital component. The demand for vision-guided industrial robots is increasing in many countries, especially in the APAC region. However, the high cost of implementation, difficulty in deployment, and low repurchase frequency are hampering the growth of the machine-vision camera industry.

Lets identify high-quality images and their flaws

In addition to frame rate and megapixels, machine vision camera buyers also have more sophisticated needs, including imaging quality and sensitivity. As a result, the image quality of these cameras is becoming more critical for many applications. For example, high-quality imaging allows machines to detect cracks in metal parts and detect defects in them. As a result, machine vision cameras with high-quality images are more expensive than general-purpose ones.

Combines IP67 compliance with camera

Industrial Machine Vision Camera manufacturers take two approaches to protect their cameras. The first is to place the camera inside an IP67-rated enclosure. This approach involves a separate enclosure, which is costly and complicated. The second approach combines IP67 compliance with the camera itself. The integrated solution eliminates the need for separate enclosures, and minimizes camera size and cost. This option also enables users to obtain an IP67-rated camera from one supplier.

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