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In a nutshell, how to use cannabis safely. Know what THC and CBD are?

From the news that two people have died from using marijuana after Thailand unlocked marijuana from drugs. It can be used medically, but how do we use it? Or how much cannabis should be put in food or snacks to be safe? Everything you need to know about marijuana has been included.

The cannabis contained must contain no more than 0.2% THC

because of this substance. This is dangerous, highly used, fatal, and is a narcotic substance. The quantity can only be checked from the lab. The people can’t check it themselves. CBD shop maintain the level.

Therefore, the producer must take into account the consumer. Could you not put it in large quantities? and must attach details to inform the amount of cannabis that is put in the food and a warning

The primary substance in cannabis CBD, THC, is dangerous?

Can marijuana be hazardous or not? It depends on the two critical doses of THC and CBD.

CBD is a soothing substance. But does not affect the nervous system; this THC must be careful. Because it relaxes but affects the nervous system and is addictive.

There are a lot of inflorescences. In leaves, roots, stems, and branches are few.

What are GET High Symptoms in Marijuana?

You’ve probably heard that smoking marijuana gives you a sweet smile and a euphoric mood, but some people are aggressive and fierce. That’s getting high. Neurological symptoms that each person is different.

What are the benefits and harms of cannabis?


– Increased treatment options. But not all diseases, such as patients with terminal cancer. Relieves severe pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s

– Helps to relax and sleep well

– Some substances in cannabis make food taste Like more delicious. You will get this cannabis in the CBD shop.

How much is cannabis in food and snacks safe?

THC is abundant in the inflorescences, so we should not boil the inflorescences. Extracted because of danger and may be illegal, but should use leaves,

Department of Health recommends

Fried menu 1-2 fresh leaves per

menu Stir-fried menu, curry, boiled mixed in drink one new leaf per menu

Do not eat up to 5 leaves per day if excess until preliminary Overdoes, Sit down, drink a lot of water, or seek medical.


. psychoactive can become a drug. Having various psychiatric memory problems such as

aggression, anxiety, paranoia, depression, panic, loss of good judgment, drowsiness

– Medical effects such as anesthetic resistance, painkillers

– Effects on the brain, decreased intelligence

– Long-term use, addictive use, too much Overdoes, heart palpitations, even death.

The problem is that we don’t know the THC content in marijuana

The details, the amount of cannabis used, and the warnings on the packaging of the cannabis food vendor or producer, so it’s important

for the seller to show the amount.

List of foods that use whole cannabis leaves

Warning to consumers at risk, such as

– Children and adolescents under 18 years of age should be avoided.

– Pregnant and lactating women should not eat.

– May cause drowsiness, should not drive, drive machinery

– Do not show messages Efficacy in preventing or treating disease

– Ministry of Public Health prohibits the sale of “marijuana” to pregnant women

and lactating women People under 20 years’ old


The dangers of marijuana. Depending on the amount of THC substance in marijuana, whether smoking or eating, one must be careful not to let this substance exceed 0.2%. With each marijuana in different sources, the amount of substance is additional. You have to ask the seller. The manufacturer clearly emphasizes that unlocking marijuana this time is not free but only for medical use and treatment. According to the Public Health Act, if consuming or smoking, then smell and smoke causing trouble and annoyance to others is illegal. All CBD shop is not legal.

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