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How To Use Piano Wire Cutters

If you need to make a clean cut through tough material, piano wire cutters are the tool for the job. With razor-sharp cutting edges, these heavy-duty cutters can easily handle thick, cable, and even piano wires. Here’s how to use them effectively.

What Are Piano Wire Cutters And What Are They Used For?

Piano wire cutters are a specialised type of industrial cutting tool designed to precisely cut hard materials such as piano wire and spring steel. They feature short but powerful jaws containing razor sharp blades made of high-carbon steel that can easily shear through hard objects with minimal effort. 

These cutters were intended for use on piano instrument wires, however, there are many other ways the wire is used that you’ll find the wire cutters useful for. This includes fishing lures, springs, wire cheese slicers, carving tools, jewellery, model railroading, radio-controlled automobiles, knitting, and more.

Piano wire cutters are used in many industries and professions, ranging from engineering to electronics repair and carpentry. They are particularly helpful in tasks involving the shallow, clean cuts needed when working with delicate materials or wires too small to easily handle by a manual saw or standard biographyer pliers. 

How To Choose The Right Size And Type

Choosing the right size and type of piano wire cutter for your needs is important – it will ensure you have a safe and hassle-free experience with any project. While choosing a cutter for your job, examine the tool’s size, weight, and function. 

Consider the wire thickness you want to use and decide if you want a manual or automatic cutter with adjustable jaws that can accommodate different wire sizes. These adjustable jaws let users operate in difficult-to-reach areas while requiring less force while tightening and loosening the wire. 

You should also consider how ergonomic each alternative feels in your hand; many come with a comfortable handle grip to be easily operated. 

How To Use Piano Wire Cutters Safely And Effectively

Piano wire cutters are a powerful tool used to precisely cut the toughest of metals, including steel and copper, and it’s important for you to take precautions when using them.

  • Wear safety glasses and protective gloves before using these cutters to avoid injury. 
  • Ensure the cutting blade is well-lubricated, since an extremely dry blade will result in decreased efficiency and unsatisfactory outcomes. 
  • Good technique should be maintained throughout the entire piano wire cutters operation. This includes applying consistent pressure on both sides of the wire while working to avoid fatigue and strain on your wrists.
  • Never attempt to cut wires that are thicker than the blades can handle; this can result in jamming, damage to your plans, or, worse, cause serious injury. 

Piano wire cutters are a unique cutting tool used not only for cutting piano strings but also for a range of other applications. With the right knowledge and technique, you’ll be able to use piano wire cutters safely and effectively for all your metal cutting needs.

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