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How to Play Referee When Your Cats are Fighting?

Do you have more than one pet at home? If yes, you might have found yourself playing the role of a pet referee more than a pet parent. Fur babies eating, walking, chasing, leaping, pouncing, and playing are some familiar sights in a multi-pet household. The house can be a hell as much as a heavenly place. The onus lies on the pet parents to maintain decorum and peace at home.

When it comes to cats, pet parents can expect a lot of hisses, yowls, scratches, bites, and brawls. While cat fights can be exhausting for fur babies, managing the fluffy scuffles can tire out the cat owners too. But you can thank God as there are a few ways to end the cat drama and restore calm indoors.

It would help if you knew that having many pets can multiply the risks at home. Cat parents must take their cat bandwagon for regular wellness checkups and vaccinations. Also, multi-cat owners can consider purchasing pet insurance for cats to possibly make significant savings on unexpected vet bills during accidents, injuries, pet health emergencies, and more.

Pet health insurance can be your medical financial savior as it can cover much of your fluffy pet’s diagnosis and treatment costs during non-routine vet visits for covered health conditions. You may need to think more about purchasing a pet insurance policy as you have a lot of pets to deal with.

You can quickly search online to find pet insurers who provide health coverage for multiple pets. While discovering your options, read this article that answers some common catfights questions.

Why do feline fur babies get into tussles?

Yes, we can blame it on the cat’s territorial behavior. In short, we can say it’s a power struggle to retain their home turf. When a kitty finds another fur baby encroaching on what they consider theirs rightfully, like toys, food, humans, or trespassing their marked territories, it can quickly prepare for a big cat standoff.

Cat parents must learn to identify a cat’s subtle signs, like withdrawing or curling up in a corner when a bully arrives on the scene. While some cats hide, others may prefer confrontation. So, cat parents must stay alert when different fur personalities are around.

How do we stop them from wreaking havoc?

Cat parents must avoid negative behavior like yelling at the fur cubs, clapping, using water guns, or acting in an intimidating way. Because such human actions can trigger adverse reactions from fur babies, don’t follow your instincts; instead, follow a plan to control the situation. Use physical separators, impenetrable barriers, or if they are locked together, pick up each of them with a blanket to protect yourself from the scratching and leave them in different rooms to relax.

How can we make cats like one another?

It is possible with a little patience on the cat parents’ part and allowing the pets to interact in a controlled environment. Help your pets get over the bitterness by letting them have private time, short play schedules, brief bonding time in the garden or backyard, etc. Providing calculated ‘together time’ and space can promote pleasant interactions and help mend bad relationships.

Keeping frisky felines at peace is easy, provided cat owners know when and where to draw the boundaries between them. It is essential to avoid future disputes, potential cat injuries, and accidents. Pet insurance for cats can make the whole affair of providing healthcare during unexpected health situations more affordable. Consider purchasing pet health insurance as every cat deserves quality medical care at all times.

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