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Horror films are not just for the dead! The haunted house genre is a fun and hysterical way to make a film. Haunted houses have been around since the dawn of cinema. A hilarious example of a haunted house movie is Beetlejuice. In the cult classic Japanese horror comedy House, seven schoolgirls find themselves trapped in an old mansion, where Adam and Barbara try to scare away new occupants. Eventually, they meet and befriend Lydia Deetz.

The house movie series began in 1977 and continues to this day. It is a spoof of the popular TV series. The films follow the life of the House family. The first movie features the family’s first child, but the second installment features the author’s aunt and her brother. Although these films are part of the same franchise, their plots and characters are not interconnected. In fact, you can watch each movie as a standalone story if you’d prefer.

The original House is a Japanese film from 1977, but this American adaptation is a much lighter, family-friendly roller coaster. The premise follows an author who moves into an aunt’s estate, hoping to write a novel and exorcise her inner demons. The result is a literal exorcism. The movie is a funny and creepy movie for the whole family. It is also a great choice for a family holiday.

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