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Heart Disease Causes and Risk Factors

Listed below are the main causes of heart disease. It is important to note that while many of these risk factors are uncontrollable, some can be prevented or minimized. In addition, some of these factors may co-exist and interact to increase your risk for heart disease. Learn more about these causes and risk factors to protect your heart. These factors may be present in your life, but are not necessarily the only ones. Here are some tips to reduce your risks.

The main contributor is lack of exercise

The most common risk factors for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are similar. Tobacco smoking, poor diet, alcohol consumption, and lack of telesup exercise are the major contributors. Other factors such as age and sex are less significant, but still contribute to a person’s risk for these diseases. Additionally, exposure to indoor smoke and air pollution may cause a person to develop cancer. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk for these conditions. For more information visit this site: india songs

Smoking is one of the notable

There are a number of risk factors for onlinebahisforum heart disease. For example, smoking is one of the most significant. However, some people smoke heavily or consume alcohol regularly. Others may have a genetic predisposition to the disease. Some people may be at higher risk than others for heart disease. Depending on the type of smoking, cigarette-smoking can lead to a variety of conditions. While these factors aren’t necessarily the sole cause, they do raise the risk of developing certain types of heart disease. Visit newshunttimes for more information

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