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Nobody likes a late delivery. However, delivery errors could be more irritating for consumers and costly for businesses. In the healthcare industry, delivery problems are sometimes a matter of life and death. Critical medical deliveries are best entrusted to a dedicated medical courier.

The Medical Courier Service, Defined

A medical courier service is a delivery company specializing in transporting medical supplies. The types of supplies covered in a courier’s expertise include:

  • Technical equipment
  • Samples and specimens
  • Medical records

Most (but not all) medical couriers also handle urgent deliveries, including transporting blood and organs for transplant. The demand for these particularly time-critical delivery services is rising steadily.

Medical couriers ferry supplies between medical facilities of many different types, including hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, and doctor’s offices.

Why It Makes Sense To Use A Medical Courier Service

The courier industry is worth more than $300 billion worldwide. Many of the biggest companies handle all kinds of transportation, including delivering medical supplies. However, there are significant advantages to working with dedicated and specialised healthcare logistics companies. Here are some of the most important:

Medical Couriers Employ Highly-Trained Professionals

When you entrust medical supplies to a courier specifically trained to handle them, you need not worry about their understanding of your shipment’s importance. Dedicated medical couriers are trained and equipped for the exact type of work you require of them, and they are highly experienced with them. They know how to deliver your shipments safely, and they know how important it is to deliver them on time.

Any reputable medical courier service will make sure that the employees who handle your supplies are fully trained and possess the right certifications for the material in question. The vehicles operated by these services are equally specialised for the rigorous demands of medical courier work, featuring all the equipment necessary to protect supplies in transit (e.g. reliable temperature control for medical specimens).

Medical Couriers Are Cost-Effective

Although it costs more to hire a medical courier service than to handle deliveries on your own, it usually makes good financial sense in the long term to partner with specialists for this sensitive work. You need not devote any of your organisation’s budget to the infrastructure required for medical deliveries, which can get quite significant when special equipment is required. Letting professionals handle your delivery work also reduces your staff’s workload. 

Courier services also generally offer you much more in-depth data on your deliveries than you can generate internally. You can not only track shipments but see exactly where and how your logistics budget is being used. In many cases, you can use this data to further reduce your operating expenses.

Finally, partnering with a professional courier often has added financial benefits on the billing side of the equation. Many insurance companies will accept courier services as part of the medical costs they will cover. This is another place where a professional company’s detailed logistics data will come in handy, allowing you to specify exactly how much was spent on transportation for a specific patient.

Specialised Couriers Use The Latest Technology

Medical couriers are among the most technologically-savvy firms in the transportation industry. They take full advantage of the latest technologies to improve efficiency, reduce human error, and speed up deliveries. Some of the technology a good medical courier service might use include:

* Online placement and tracking of orders

* GPS tracking during delivery

* Recipient signature capture

* Status updates via email or text

Because this technology helps a courier company know more precisely where your supplies are at any given moment, they can pass that knowledge on to your team.

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