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Esper Devops Iot 60m Series Series

In den letzten Jahren hat sich die gesamte DevOpsevolution gezeigt. Dabei hat sich de facto eine einheitliche Planungsgrundlage erarbeitet, die konkrete Projekt- und Lösungsstrukturen sowie Systeme, Vorgaben und Anweisungen für das Überwachungssystem u.v.m. schafft. Auch im Cloud-Ballauf machen nun die Anwenderrechner ihr Bestes, um ein hartes Schwein zu werden – oder gar zumindest zu beeindrucken! Auf diesem Blog setzt sich der Ingenieurprofi Tobias Brosius vor Augen: „In den letzten Jahren haben wir uns auf die Entwicklung von Devopsiemen spekuliert, um daraus eine gemeinsame Grundlage entwickeln zu können. Während unserer Arbeiten beschäftigst Du dich mit einer Gegenspielerliste des Ganzen – also Appendices der IT-Entwicklung?“ Eine ganze Reihe aktueller Vorkommnisse hat d

DevOps is dead, but we don’t know why!

The latest and greatest of all times, devops, has been replaced by agile. It is not only a technical term, but a way of seeing. The old concept of devops has been replaced by agile, and today’s agile has nothing in common with the old concept.

Why is devops dying?

The modern business cycle is all about innovation, disruption and growth. This is what drives and attracts companies: disruption, opportunity and growth. However, direct and indirect competition is strong; in fact, it is higher than ever. The old guard has effectively retired. So what is the future here for devops? Well, we know why devops is dying. The core problem is the same as it ever was: the availability of good people. Large tech companies have become more selective about the people they choose to work with. They are hiring a much more selective pool of programmers and engineers.

DevOps in action

In simple terms, devops is the practice of making software easier to develop, test and distribute, while making it harder to maintain, and with a lower chance of failure. While this is very attractive on the surface, in practice it is very challenging, if not impossible, to achieve. The following are some of the challenges that dhc has encountered during the course of its job: – Lack of Agile momentum – Lack of practice in managing change – Lack of practice in planning and controlling change – Lack of clear communication about progress – Lack of transparency in decisions – Lack of attention to follow-up and documentation – Lack of effective use of test-driven development – Lack of use of agile software development methodologies

Why’s devops dying?

The most obvious reason why devops is dying is that the market is saturated with IT projects with demand far too great for available resources. Another significant reason is the aging IT infrastructure. As more and more people become computer scientists and engineers, the demand for reliable and scalable infrastructure will grow even higher. Furthermore, as these people start to use computers more and more often, they will become more attracted to the idea of using new technologies and tools. These technologies, which will be available only if the technology is easy and reliable to use, will be more attractive to competing companies, who will be able to reduce their costs and increase their revenue. Finally, the availability of good people will decrease. People are going to be less likely to apply for jobs if the job is closed to new applicants, and more likely to Apply when needed. This will result in a reduction in available talent, and, as a result, a reduction in job creation.


So, what does all this mean for devops? Well, for starters, we need to be more selective about the people we choose to hire. With the aging IT infrastructure and competition for talent getting stiffer, it is becoming more important than ever to find the right people for your project. With the aging IT infrastructure, the best time to hire is while it is strong. So, if you are looking for people with experience, then go for it. But if you are looking for people with skills, and especially people who can develop new technologies, then stay clear of the bad kinds. And finally, it is important to remember that the only way to make software easier to develop, test and distribute is to make it harder to maintain. This is why we have innovation, disruption and growth. This is why we need a new way of doing business. If you want to be successful as an agile company, you will have to be ready to adopt new technologies, develop new skills and implement new practices. In the process, you will need to carefully plan how you are going to meet the challenges that are sure to come up.

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