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Collagen: The  Skincare Essential To Keep in Mind For Every Woman Under 30

Do you fret over what wrinkles and brown spots this birthday will reveal?

Blame it on the collagen! As you age, your body’s capacity to repair reduces with a reduction of the crucial protein which keeps your skin plump. In the absence, your dermis starts losing out on the illuminance and elasticity.

But what if there’s a way to keep the sagging in check?

With the addition of products like collagen cream in Australia, you can pull the reins on the aging process from this birthday onwards.

What Happens When Your Skin Loses Collagen?

You’re not the only one witnessing the difference in your skin’s texture as you approach 30. Apparently, your precautionary and protective measures during your twenties reflect in your thirties. From alcohol consumption to stress, everything takes a toll on your body which translates visibly later.

Collagen Loss

Since the skin’s repairing ability is strongly related to collagen production, the fine lines will become more apparent in your late twenties. Over time, you will notice these wrinkles becoming a permanent part of the facial texture. On top of this, due to the absence of firmness, your under-eye contour will be more visible.

Elastin Deficiency

Elastin reduction in your skin goes parallelly with collagen loss. Now, since the protein is responsible for maintaining firmness, get ready for saggy skin. The effect would be all the more visible if you didn’t have a healthy lifestyle during your college days in Australia.

What Should You Have in Your Skincare Routine Now?

Yeah. You should’ve been more careful with regular sunscreen application before spending long hours on Gold Coast in Australia.

But, it’s never too late to start the essential skincare routine your body needs. Essentially, you need to augment your body’s reparation capacity with collagen.

A Gentle Cleanser

The wrong face wash can not only remove the essential oil from your face but also break down collagen, causing irritation. That’s why you must be careful with your skin cleanser.

Pick the face wash, which balances the overall effect without causing any dryness or discomfort post-washing.

Bottom Line: Stay away from anything that feels harsh against your skin.

An Active Serum

After you clean your face with a mild wash, it’s time to layer your skin with the potent serum. Not only do the products get absorbed directly into the skin, but they also offer maximum benefits to the problem you’re targeting.

That’s why you must include a serum such as Retinol which will boost your collagen creation. Besides, you can also supplement your routine with a Vitamin C option to stabilise the internal collagen building.

Bottom Line: Use Retinol at night and Vitamin C during the day without combining their application for maximum benefit.

An Effective Moisturiser

A skin barrier or a moisturiser acts as a protective lipid to safeguard your skin from external irritants. Besides, using a hydrating cream after serum locks the potency within the skin.

A Protective SPF

Finally, layer your skin with cream of SPF 30 or more to prevent oxidative stress from the sunlight in Australia.


The aging process is not merciful to anyone, especially if you haven’t been careful during your early days. However, you can correct your mistakes by boosting your skincare routine with a collagen cream in Australia.

Now that you’ve got enough idea about collagen start with the vital care regimen right now to ensure glowing skin later.

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