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Choosing the Perfect Perfume Bottles: a Guide

The scent packaging will communicate to the user the message or experience you want to convey with your brand or product.

Make the wrong choice for your customized perfume bottle, and you could confuse the customer with the impression that the scent inside is different from what they imagined it would be on the outside.

What should you consider when selecting perfume bottles?

There are numerous types of perfume bottles, from primary, standard pumps to beautiful perfume bottles.

Bottle Type

Many perfume companies prefer to store their perfumes in glass bottles. However, plastic bottles are also possible. Glass is an excellent choice for perfume since no chemical ingredients could leak into the container and affect the scent.

When it comes down to picking the ideal perfume bottles for your company or personal use, finding a reliable perfume bottle wholesale supplier is essential. They offer a broad selection of options that meet the needs of different tastes and designs.


When it comes to scents, it is the size that counts. You can choose a smaller 15ml glass vial for your perfume or a giant 100ml or 50ml bottle.


Perfume bottles come in just the same shapes as scents. There are many shapes, from oval, round, or square to circular and square.

Oval or round shapes can give an edgier, feminine impression, whereas rectangular or square bottles look more masculine and formal.

Roll-on perfume bottles are generally small and have an open-ended rollerball. The rollerball is used to put the fragrance on your clothes or skin.

This bottle is practical when you’re out and about and have to take your perfume of choice with you. Instead of lugging around the entire bottle, it’s put into it, and you’ll have it sorted for a couple of days. The time frame is mainly dependent on the amount of use.

With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials, you can find the ideal perfume bottles that fit your brand’s aesthetic or personal preferences. You can choose traditional glass bottles, sleek and contemporary designs, or distinctive and attractive containers. Perfume bottle wholesale suppliers can offer various options to meet your preferences.

Pumps or Sprays

The final decision needs to be taken regarding the best packaging, from the bottle’s design to the style and color of the spray or pump you select.

Selecting the appropriate color and style of the pump, which will be placed inside or over the glass bottle, will enhance the overall design and appearance of the item. Select a starting point between white and black or gold and silver pumps.


Closures, or caps, are the puzzle’s last element and must be chosen. You may have picked the right bottle to promote your brand; however, if you do not select a cap compatible with the bottle and the message you’re trying to communicate, it could damage the whole product.

The types of perfume bottles

If your perfume bottles sport elegant and attractive designs, your perfumes will attract customers’ attention at a glance.

The material used to make packaging reflects the brand’s philosophy and position. For perfume bottles on the market, they are divided into different types.

  • Plastic perfume bottles
  • Metal perfume bottles
  • Glass perfume bottles

How do you select the perfume bottle manufacturer?

Pick the perfume bottle supplier with the most modern production and equipment. A company with a mature production line and a sufficient size will affect the production time and product quality to a certain degree.

Choose a supplier that can offer customized perfume bottles and various packaging designs for perfume.

Where to Buy Perfume Bottles in Bulk?

Buying perfume bottles in bulk can give you the benefit of purchasing the bottles at wholesale price. That means you’ll save more than buying only a handful at a time.

The best method to do this is to look up the best perfume bottle makers and then request a price for your purchase. This can also assist you in finding a company with whom you can form long-term business relationships.

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