Buying Wedding Jewelry Sets

Wedding jewelry sets include a tiara, necklace, and earrings for your special day. They are a lot more affordable than buying single pieces of jewelry and will coordinate with your dress. You should consider buying a tiara that matches your gown. For example, you can choose a wishbone tiara with a marquise-cut stainless base and dangle earrings. A floral-adorned opera necklace will make you look like the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Choose a simple necklace and a bracelet

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your wedding jewelry set is its style and shape. If you are wearing a tiara and a delicate necklace, you might want to avoid the dangling earrings. Instead, opt for a small, simple necklace and a bracelet. However, if your gown is made of heavy-set fabric, you can opt for a more elaborate set. If you are planning to wear a tiara, you will need to be extra careful.

Be sure to keep everything in order

When traveling with your wedding jewelry, keep it in the same case. Usually, you should pack the sets in separate cases. When choosing a case, make sure to keep everything in order. If you don’t want to lose a piece, you can always use an index card to store them separately. If you don’t want to take apart your wedding jewelry, you can use a glass case. The hard shell material of these cases provides a more robust level of protection for your precious items.
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