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Are New Drivers More Likely To Cause Accidents?

Clearing your road test and receiving a learner’s license can be exciting. However, with also comes with some risks and responsibilities. A driver with a new permit will likely have a new sense of freedom and might get carried away by it. 

No matter how excited they are, they should always prioritize their and others’ safety. Teen car accidents are a big concern in the US and can adversely affect the people involved. Teen driving can cause accidents that can result in severe injuries or even fatal. 

If you are ever involved in a car accident caused by a rash teen driver, immediately contact a Salem car accident attorney so they can help you claim the compensation for all the inures and damages sustained in the accident. 

Risk factors related to teen driving

Most new drivers are teens. These kids’ age and maturity levels can get over-enthusiastic or excited while driving, resulting in severe accidents. In these accidents, the new driver will also harm themselves and others. 

Here is a list of factors that can lead to a car accident

  • Lack of experience
  • Teenagers tend to drive rashly at night, increasing the risk of accident
  • Not using a seat belt
  • Unnecessary speeding 
  • Dunk driving
  • Substance abuse

The rush of hormones in teenagers often causes them to drive rashly; however, there can also be an additional risk of nervous driving. A new driver who does not have enough confidence can also cause car accidents. 

How do we prevent new driver accidents?

The first essential step is to teach teenagers the significance of responsible driving and the risks of negligent driving. Experienced drivers like parents and other reliable adults can be given as examples of implementing good driving skills. 

They should be taught the importance of following traffic rules to ensure the safety of themselves and others surrounding them. New drivers should be aware of the consequences of distracted driving and strictly prohibit using cell phones while driving. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by distracted driving, the personal injury attorneys at Shulman & Hill can help you navigate the legal system and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Conduct seminars and awareness programs

Regular seminars should be hosted to spread traffic and road safety among the new drivers. These seminars could include quizzes about traffic safety and signs on the road. bestnewshunt Teenagers can learn about the traffic rules and laws in detail.

Along with that, they should also know the consequences of vomiting any law. Moreover, they should be taught, in case god forbid they land in a severe car accident, what are the necessary actions to take. 

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