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An Installation Guide for Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass separated by a slight gap filled with either a desiccant or an inert gas, or both to prevent condensation. With a mild-temperate climate prevalent in Melbourne, the temperatures can get as high as 75°F during summers and as low as 44°F during winters. With high-humidity content in the atmosphere, double-glazed windows are the perfect solution for temperature control.

Some believe the space between the windows is a vacuum, although this is untrue. A noble gas, such as argon, is typically used to fill the cavity. Thermal transfer, which occurs when heat attempts to leave your space, is slowed down by this gas.

The Installation Process of Double-Glazed Units

Widely famed as the shopper’s delight, you must have visited the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne. The transparent French windows and doors are, in fact, double-glazed windows! If you want them installed at your home, here is the step-by-step procedure for installing double glazed windows in Melbourne that you ought to know about.

1 A Visit from the Company Consultant

The firm from which you are purchasing the frame will send a consultant to your home once you have stated that you are interested in double glazing for your home. The consultant pays attention to your justifications for needing double glazing. The most frequent explanation for asking for double glazing is to reduce noise, whether it is from barking dogs, traffic, or other sources. The expert will then offer a preliminary evaluation and price based on your particular demands.

2 Client Confirms the Quotation

There’s little reason you wouldn’t want your new windows and doors installed immediately after you learn about the significant improvement double glazing can make to your house or office. After you accept the quote, the company will begin the manufacturing operations after you pay an advance.

3 The Company Offers an Extra Level of Management

Standard windows might not fit into your unique home because of one crooked wall or a slightly off-centred window opening. The company will always dispatch a secondary expert to perform a check measurement. It is ensured that any variations in the areas are carefully analysed and measured using sophisticated engineering tools. The colour schemes, glass type, and framework will all be decided. Both thermally fractured aluminium and uPVC frames are available for double-glazed frames.

4 Manufacturing and Production

The frames will be produced, and the glass will be ordered from a retail shop after the company has received the final approval. This process can take a few weeks or a little longer, depending on the magnitude of the job at hand.

5 The Installation Phase

The manufacturing company will determine the optimum time to arrive and replace your new windows or doors once your new double-glazed units are prepared. The staff will then install the custom-made double-glazed units in your house. You will soon be able to benefit fully.

Installing double-glazed windows and doors requires a sophisticated set of skills. You cannot undertake the installation unless you are a trained professional. So, it’s recommended that you leave it to the experts. Furthermore, reputed companies offer warranties for nearly 20 years down the lane. It is better if you are better safe than sorry!

Final Thoughts

While aluminium and wood are the most common materials for double glazed windows in Melbourne, uPVC is becoming more and more popular among double-glazed windows. Doubling up on your home’s glazing is unquestionably a better idea. Adding double glazing will undeniably improve your home’s energy efficiency. It translates into lower energy costs and a cosier living environment in your house.

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