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7 Signs It’s Time to Seek Inpatient Treatment for Your Anxiety

Unlike alcohol and drug addiction, it can sometimes be much more complicated to figure out when anxiety has gotten to the point that it requires treatment.

Even anxiety itself is still quite misunderstood. Some people think it’s something brought on by difficult circumstances and is temporary.

But genuine anxiety is significantly more complex, just as depression is more than simply “being sad.” Anxiety treatment centers exist to offer support and therapy to people struggling with severe issues. So, how can you tell if it’s time to enter a treatment facility? Here are 7 warning signs:

1. If Your Anxiety Is Holding You Back in Life

If you find that your anxiety has grown to the point of hindering you in reaching goals or trying new experiences, it is likely time to look into some treatment.

If it is interfering with things like school, work, or your personal life and relationships, it’s definitely time to consider getting help.

2. If You’ve Recently Experienced Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a sign that your existing problem is getting worse. When you ignore serious or chronic anxiety in the hopes it will go away, the truth is that it will only escalate. This leads to manifestations such as panic attacks, insomnia, and others.

3. You’re Taking Too Much/Too Many Medications

If you are at the point where you are taking multiple different types of medications, or if you feel like you are just taking too high of a dosage or too many a day, anxiety treatment centers are probably something worth giving serious consideration to.

4. You’ve Been Irritable or Angry

Negative, longer-lasting moods are another sign that your anxiety is becoming more difficult to manage. If you have recently become more short-tempered, easily frustrated, and tend to snap at others when responding to them, this might be something worth asking for help with.

5. You have Difficulty Sleeping

As we mentioned, insomnia or other sleeping problems can arise due to increased anxiety. However, if you have experienced prior sleep issues, this may not be a reliable measurement of your anxiety levels.

6. Fear Is Controlling What You Do

In addition to general anxiety, you may also have specific phobias which have grown to the point that they are dictating many of your actions. If you are dealing with a crippling phobia impacting your life, you should contact an anxiety treatment center immediately.

7. You’ve Completely Isolated Yourself to Avoid Triggers

Shutting yourself off from the world is no way to cope with your growing anxiety. That behavior is very unhealthy and will simply compound the problems you are already experiencing. Isolation can lead to cabin fever and paranoia and can even lead to developing agoraphobia.

Anxiety Treatment Centers Can Help if You’re Experiencing Any of these Problems

Anxiety can attack in subtle and slow ways. Before you know it, you can deal with daily panic attacks or severe mood swings. And just as with any other mental health issue, simply ignoring it and hoping it will go away will only make things worse.

*If you think you may need help, don’t wait any longer*

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