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1What Are the Most Notable Investments Made By Shakira?

Shakira, the Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, businesswoman and philanthropist, has made numerous investments over the years. Some of her most notable investments include her own perfume line thefrisky, her investment in the Spanish telecom company Telefónica, and her purchase of shares in the Spanish football team, Real Madrid. In 2011, Shakira launched her own perfume line, S by Shakira trueclassics, which was produced in collaboration with Puig, a Spanish fragrance and fashion house. This perfume was a huge success, selling more than 10 million bottles in over 40 countries. In 2012, Shakira invested in the Spanish telecom company Telefónica, becoming the first female investor in the company. This investment has since grown substantially. In 2018, Shakira purchased shares in the Spanish football team, Real Madrid lobiastore. This investment was made in order to help ensure the team’s long-term success. In addition to these investments, Shakira has also invested in a number of other businesses and charities, including her own charity, the Barefoot Foundation marketbusiness. The Barefoot Foundation works to improve the lives of children and young people in Latin America. As a result of her investments, Shakira has become one of the wealthiest female artists in the world. Her investments have helped her to achieve financial success, as well as to give back to those in need. Shakira’s net worth is estimated to be around $300 million, making her one of the world’s wealthiest music stars. Shakira’s net worth has had an immense positive impact on her family flipboard. She has been able to provide for them by purchasing them luxurious homes, cars, and other luxuries. Additionally, her net worth has enabled her to create a foundation, Pies Descalzos, which helps underprivileged children throughout Latin America. Through the foundation, Shakira has been able to provide educational, healthcare, and other resources to thousands of children. In addition to providing for her family and helping underprivileged children, Shakira’s net worth has enabled her to pursue her passion for music. She has released a number of successful albums and singles, won multiple awards, and toured around the world. Her success has allowed her to become one of the most successful artists in Latin music history. Shakira’s net worth has allowed her to give back to her family, help those in need, and pursue her passion for music. It is clear that her net worth has benefited her family and countless others in a multitude of ways.

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